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Motherly Figures | May Roundup 2022


Happy Mother’s Day!

The past two years have been unique to all of us… Some of you were homebound with your families while others haven’t been able to reconnect since. In my case, my mother passed on March 9th, 2020… right as Covid started. Since I was 16, I was fortunate enough to have two mothers “raise me”, as I was blessed with a wonderful stepmother. I will be seeing her for the first time in 2.5 years next week. Having these amazing maternal figures is the inspiration for May’s Roundup topic.

Relationships with our Mothers

The mother/daughter relationship… So much can be said!!

Each relationship is individually unique and can grow and change over time. Mother and Daughter can be defined in so many ways, it doesn't necessarily have to be a blood relationship. A mother’s love runs deep and can be represented and come from many figures in our life. Mother’s Day can be any day, but this Sunday, in particular, is the perfect excuse to go out of your way to remind these amazing figures how much you appreciate them.

To help circulate some positivity, take a moment today to think about your favorite memories you have with your mom/maternal mentor. What are some of their nicknames for you? What were some traditions you have continued? What was your first reaction when you realized you sounded just like your mother!?

We hope you enjoy this mother’s day with those you love… I’m going to sign off now with a term of endearment my mother always called me…

XO, My Precious Girlie


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