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Operation: SMOOCH! | February Roundup 2023


FEBRUARY…the shortest month of the year with what seems to have the most events going on! Everything from Groundhog’s Day, President's Day, Black History Month, "Wear Red" for Heart Disease Awareness, The Super Bowl, Rodeos, Leap Day (depending on the year), and of course the one dearest to my heart, Valentine’s Day - or is it Galentine’s Day now?

Whatever your favorite, there’s a reason to celebrate!

I have really enjoyed writing these monthly newsletters. Learning the histories behind the names and traditions of the birthstone/flowers has been educational.

February’s birthstone is the gorgeous violet-purple, Amethyst. I had to laugh when I saw it derives from the Greek Amethysstos which means “a remedy against drunkenness’ ! Because of it’s color, Greek mythology associates the gem with Dionysus, the god of wine. Don’t know about you, but I see a pattern here :)

All this information leads to a perfect segue for our Valentine campaign, "Operation Smooch" for this month. We’ll begin with our Liquid Lipstick in the gorgeous colors of “Lips Like Wine” and “Whisky Kisses”

I want all of you reading this to know how much I love and appreciate your interest and support in our San Antonio based business. You are the reason we enjoy celebrating another day at the ranch! Stay sweet, my friends...





Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

"Lips Like Wine" Liquid Suede Lipstick $21

"Whisky Kisses" Liquid Suede Lipstick $21

"Smooch" Lipstick $20

"Valentine" Quick Draw Lip Liner $18

"Berry Kiss" Lip Gloss $18

"Flirt" Eyeshadow $14


"Bombshell" Eyeshadow $14

"You Flirt" Lip Gloss $18

Liquid Gold Anti-Aging Serum $36

8-Second Skincare Bunnie Bundle $99 ($120 Value!)


Rodeo season has officially kicked off here in San Antonio, TX and it is alive and well until February 26th!

We believe anyone can become a Rodeo Queen-- so we created this "Pam" Makeup Tutorial from Urban Cowboy using ALL Buckle Bunnie Beautie products to help!

Now go lasso yourself a cowboy!





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