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September... There's Been Songs Written About It! | September Roundup 2022


September comes from the Latin word “septem-” meaning Seven. The original Roman calendar had September being the 7th of a 10-month calendar. The Roman Senate added January and February in 153 BC, hence why it is now the 9th month.

September was also ruled by the God of Fire, Vulcan. (not the Mr. Spock kind!!)

September Birthstone: Sapphire

September Astrology: Virgo or Libra

September Flowers: Forget me not, Morning Glory, and Aster.

Lots of things happen in September– September Equinox falls on September 22nd or 23rd and marks the beginning of the Fall season in the Northern hemisphere and Summer in the Southern hemisphere.

In 1894, our federal government added Labor Day to close the Holiday gap between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. As a society many of us are currently going back to school or back to work, so our mindset is shifting to a more focused perspective.

With this in mind it is a great time to transcend your makeup and wardrobe colors as well as adjusting your skincare routine to a different climate. Here are some reasons why you should consider Buckle Bunnie Beautie for all of your Skincare and Makeup needs:



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

Dew Me! Facial Spray (2 Sizes Available!)


"Lips Like Wine" Liquid Lipstick


"Merlot" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Berry" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Wine" Mineral Eyeshadow


"Wine Country" Mineral Eyeshadow


"Gruene with Envy" Mineral Eyeshadow


"Antique Gold" Mineral Eyeshadow


"Rust" Mineral Eyeshadow


Can't choose just one?

Consider a Bunnie Bundle!

2 for 22 Mineral Eyeshadow Pans Bunnie Bundle


Fine Line Bunnie Bundle


"Cinnabar" Pressed Mineral Blush






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