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Spring Into A New Month! | March Roundup 2023


Hey Buckle Bunnie Beauties!

As we head into March, I’ve had two months to hone my New Years Resolutions and new routines. This year I decided to make a REAL attempt to adopt a healthier balance of food, exercise, and organization into my life. I have a milestone birthday approaching so bringing on the better version of me has been my incentive to “march” closer to reaching my full potential. It just feels good so I’m vowing to continue. Sure, I’ve slacked a few times, but I get back on the saddle and keep feeling the progress.

These past few months have driven home the fact of how Planning is Everything! While I love the idea of just throwing something on to head out the door, I have come to the realty that it takes effort to make it look and feel effortless. When I mentioned organization earlier, besides my closet, one of the aspects I was referencing was…

The Make-Up Cabinet!!

Make-Up containment can live in a drawer, medicine cabinet, acrylic boxes, on your counters, or - remember Caboodles?!?

I’ll be the first to admit I am the worst offender of collecting, sampling, buying, subscribing, and keeping all of my makeup. I am also guilty of still having tester keepsakes from all the cosmetic lines I worked years ago! FYI, I Do Not use them…I just like knowing they’re there :) To make matters worse, I’ve even added some of my late mother’s m’up to my collection because of sentimental and nostalgic reasons.

Some of us have issues, but with that being said, my abundance of m’up is also one of the reasons I started Buckle Bunnie Beautie. I wanted to reduce the hundreds of half used containers of eyeshadow quads and wrong color choices. How many of you got home, couldn’t remember how the sales person told you to use it and you didn't even like half the colors anyway?!

My vision was to create a beautiful, eco-friendly, efficient cosmetic line. Buy only what you need, make it serve multiple purposes, and keep it simple.



We've put together these 4 Spring Specials for March 2023 offering 23% off--

"So You Can Put Your West Face Forward"!

Pressed Mineral Blushes

was $21

NOW $13.86 with 23% OFF!

Fringe Benefit Primer

was $29

NOW $22.33 with 23% OFF!

Sheer Pore-Fection Primer

was $29

NOW $22.33 with 23% OFF!

Liquid Suede Lipsticks

was $21

NOW $16.17 with 23% OFF!



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

Create Your Own CUSTOM 6-Shooter Palette


Create Your Own CUSTOM 9-Shooter Palette


"Miss Priss" Lipstick


"Mauve" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Hello Sexy" Lip Gloss


Fit & Flushed Complexion Enhancer


Bare Back Beautie Balm






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