"I was first introduced to Skin Elixir by a friend of mine. At first I was hesitant but after I tried it and noticed all the dirt coming off my face, I was a believer!


I also have a 15 year old son and he likes to use my facial cleansers. When he first tried it, he was surprised that it didn't burn, din't dry his face, and it didn't smell like alcohol. He even had a few of his friends try it!" 

- Kim D.

"I have sensitive skin and am unable to use a primer for more than 3 consecutive days without breaking out.

I had no issue with Buckle Bunnie Beautie Sheer Pore-Fection and can use it every day.


There is a noticeable difference when using this product. My pores look smaller and at the end of the day, my makeup still looks fresh. Love, love, love this product!"

- Jenifer G.

Tampa, FL


"I am OBSESSED with the Buckle Bunnie Beautie Cream-to-Powder Foundation in Mocha! I use it as a cream contour and it makes my makeup look flawless, airbrushed, and defined! You'll find me using it in just about every single YouTube video on my channel because it looks so beautiful on camera!"

Madalyn C.

Boerne, TX


Mocha 8

"I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner! Quite possibly the best eyeliner I have used!"


- Vivian Y.

Austin, TX

whisky kisses.png

"I purchased Whiskey Kisses Liquid Suede Lipstick and Twig Lip  Lipliner.

The lipstick has a soft texture which feels like it is moisturizing my lips. Both withstood the test of time after an evening out for dinner. The colors popped afterwards in a photograph. They stayed on my lips for hours!  Thank you Buckle Bunnie Beautie!"

- Jenifer G.

Tampa, FL

"This concealer hides lines, dark spots and makes a great base for your lipliner, doesn't let the fine lines feather the lipstick out. I worked for a major cosmetic company for 25 years and I like this concealer better than any I have ever used!

Rita R.

Daytona Beach, FL


"Your concealer is the BOMB!"

Crystal C.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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