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The Calm Before The School! | August Roundup 2022

Yes it’s dog days of August… which means Summer vacation is ending and everyone is getting into the mindset of back to school and normal work schedules. BUMMER– end of summer!

To help transition your skin from pool to school, we suggest adding the following products to your current Beautie routine.


Fit & Flushed is the perfect product to help accent your summer tan into your fall/winter shades, as it’s oil free and versatile for both your face and body. Add it to your moisturizer or foundation to accentuate your end-of-summer bronzed beautie glow.

As temperatures begin to change, hydration to the lips is of the utmost importance. Our 24/7 Lip Balm is an essential daily.

With Back-to-School right around the corner, the eyes still have it! Our Lasso Lashes Mascara is the perfect go-to for women of any age.

Whether you’re getting ready for class or work… pep-rallies or presentations, this waterproof mascara will hold up under any condition.


This will be your “holy grail” of cleansers!! It refreshens, tones, and removes eye & face makeup.

This lightweight moisturizer with SPF8 is the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Follow after using Skin Elixir.



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

“One Hot Summer!” Color Kit


Fit & Flushed Complexion Enhancer


24/7 Lip Treatment


Lasso Lashes Mascara


Skin Elixir


Bare Back Beautie Balm






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