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Quench the skin, calm the senses! This nourishing spray will keep you looking calm, cool, and collected all day without disturbing your make-up.  Very lightly scented, great for all skin types-even sensitive and oily. 

WHAT IT DOES:   Healthy beneficial ingredients like Green Tea, Cucumber, and NaPCA revitalize the cellular energy of your skin while giving you a fresh dewy look. Hydrates and plumps dehydrated skin and soothes surface dryness.  Great mid day refresher and excellent for use over mineral makeup.

This rainbow of light, floral freshness comes in 1oz (right bottle) or 4oz (left bottle) sizes in a plastic spray bottle. 

Close eyes and hold bottle 8-10 inches away and spray onto skin -  each spritz packs a punch of botanicals to moisturize with no stickiness. Wonderful for all over your body too. If spraying on bare skin, follow with moisturizer.  

Perfect pick me up for the airplane, the gym, stoplights  and sunburn.  Keep the 1oz travel size with you at all times...never know when you’re gonna wanna look “dewable”!

Dew Me! Facial Spray (2 Sizes Available!)


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