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A Colorful New Year! | January Roundup 2023


Hello Faithful Readers and Welcome to 2023!

I don’t know about all of you but I was exhausted after the holidays so it felt good to take a little breather and rest up for whatever this year has in store for us! :)

Let's begin 2023 by going BIG and BOLD to introduce Pantone’s Color of the Year— “Viva Magenta”! You can run but you can’t hide as it is everywhere!

The color was chosen to represent fierceness, bravery, and self-expression—all qualities we need to succeed in this new year.

Viva Magenta is a bold pink/purple blend that will look great on all skin tones once you find the color tone best suited for you.

As you scroll thru, you’ll see a variety of magenta tones in January’s section of pics of lips, cheeks, and eyes. Do Not feel overwhelmed and think you need to wear them all at once! (Although you can)

When it comes to make-up, the easiest way to work this color into your wardrobe is to accentuate one feature and keep the rest of your look somewhat neutral.

I feel the easiest place to start is with the lips. Why not experiment and go a little bolder? I have thin lips so I always need to make sure I use a lip liner and over line my lips a bit. If you feel the color may be a bit too bright, try using a lip brush to thin out the color or even use your finger to give the illusion of dark berry stained lips—and then you can blot!

Experiment, have fun, and take a risk…You never know what can happen!


Looking for the perfect Pantone "Viva Magenta" Lipstick Color? Check out our "Lola" Natural Vegan Lipstick to create your perfect, pink, pout!

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