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All I Want For Christmas | December Roundup 2022


Howdy Holiday Beauties!

We are inspired by the playful energy of this time of year. Everywhere you look this season, decor and lights are enhanced, some even a tiny bit exaggerated, right? You can’t help but notice this is your cue to be more whimsical, flirty, and want to elevate your signature look. Adding silver and gold shimmers plus a vibrant red lip are just some of the ways to accentuate glimmer to your Yuletide glamour.

Keep scrolling to see our season’s newest party tricks and gift sets so you can spend wisely, give wildly, and add to your Wish List!



Vibrant Red Lips light things up for Mistletoe Merriment

Don’t be afraid to go Bold in the lip department!

PRO TIP: Start with your Quick Draw lip liner at the outer edges of your mouth and work inward toward the middle. Then apply Liquid Lipstick straight from the wand. It dries to a beautiful velvety finish. If you’re afraid to go that bold, just apply lipstick to your finger and pat on your mouth for a more subtle pout.

These Cream Wagon Wheels are the perfect double duty vehicle to draw attention to your radiant self.

PRO TIPP: Use a brush or your fingers to blend any or all 4 colors on to your cheekbones, lips, and décolletage to emphasize your Yuletide sculpt and sparkle.



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

"Cowgirl Christmas" Santa Sack $65

"Dashing Through The Glow" Santa Sack $45

"Do You See What Eye See?" Santa Sack $36

"Tartan Tuxedo" Santa Sack $35

"Are You On The Nice Mist?" Santa Sack $25

24/7 Lip Treatment $16

Eye Beam Eye Cream 8g Wand $22

Fur Pocket Coozie $6

Denim Product Pockets $6

"Whistle Blower" Liquid Lipstick $21

Glitz & Glam Glitter Stack $15

Saddle Up! Lip Gloss Trio Set $45

"Bourbon" Quick Draw Lip Liner $18

"Spice" Quick Draw Lip Liner $18





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