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Bride. Set. Marry. | June Roundup 2022


Summer Weddings!

Bride. Set. Marry.

Thoughts of getting hitched? If so, ring in the Summer with our bulletproof Ready-to-Wear bridal makeup inspirations. Go down the aisle in style with glowing confidence whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or guest, knowing that your makeup will last from altar to dance floor.

Here at Buckle Bunnie Beautie we are your two-step (skincare & makeup) destination for wedding day final looks. With everything you are having to think about, let us take the guess-work out of your bridal makeup application. From classic to glam, we’ve created an easy checklist to help you FACE your big day!

We’re going to start with skincare and then go to color, but here is an overview of all of the products we’ve pulled together to create 2 beautiful Wedding makeup examples!

In order of application: Skin Elixir, Eye Beam, Bare Back, Sheer Pore-Fection Primer, Fit & Flushed, Cream-to-Powder Foundation, EZ on the Eyes Concealer, Setting Powder, Ultimate Prep & Texas Hold'em Eyeshadow Primer, Pam Eyeshadow Palette, Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, Lasso Lashes Mascara, “Always a Bridesmaid” and “Unbridled” Color Kits, West Face Makeup Saver Setting Mist

We made this as easy as possible and listed all of the products used to create 2 stunning bridal makeup looks– one natural and one more vibrant.

Natural Vibrant

Using our “Always a Bridesmaid” Color Kit Using our “Unbridled” Color Kit

Need a video tutorial on how to create a similar look using all Buckle Bunnie Beautie Products? Take a look at our PAM MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Buckle Bunnie Madalyn on YouTube!

Featured: “Unbridled” Color Kit & Brown Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, and “Always a Bridesmaid” Color Kit & Black Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

We’re well aware that weddings are expensive, so we’ve created some PRO TIPPS to share with y’all to help enhance your look without breaking the bank.

Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks

With both of these looks the base remains the same for a flawless look that will last.

BASE: Cleanse, Prep, and Color

Cleanse your Skin using our 8 Second Skincare Bunnie Bundle. Prep using our Sheer Pore-fection primer, and Color with our Cream-to-Powder foundation and mixed/enhanced with our oil free Fit n Flushed illuminating bronzer. Our foundation is perfect because it has an SPF of 8 which is perfect for photography while maintaining protection of your skin! And of course we suggest a translucent powder to set your face– like our NEW Shine Control Powder!


With your ring finger mix a little bit of our Texas Hold’em with our Ultimate Prep Eyeshadow primer and apply to eyelids– this will help your eyeshadow last! Next apply your favorite eyeshadow combination using our Pam Palette and line your eyes with our Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black Pearl or Chocolate Opal.

(Need help choosing which eyeshadow to use? Take a look at our PAM YOUTUBE MAKEUP TUTORIAL for a step by step guide on creating a beautiful eye look.)

Finish off your eyes with our Lasso Lashes Waterproof Mascara.


The biggest difference between the Natural and Vibrant bridal looks is the COLOR. Natural consists of our Camera Ready Mineral Blush and Always a Bridesmaid Lip Kit, whereas Vibrant consists of our Royal Flush Mineral Blush and Unbridled Lip Kit.


Last but not least make sure to set your makeup with our West Face Setting Mist– so you can walk down the aisle knowing that you “Put Your West Face Forward”!



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

8 Second Skincare Routine Bunnie Bundle

$99.00 (was $120)

Sheer Pore-Fection Primer


Fit & Flushed Complexion Enhancer


Cream-to-Powder Foundation


EZ on the Eyes Concealer


Shine Control Powder


Ultimate Prep Eyeshadow Primer


Texas Hold ‘Em Eyeshadow Primer


Pam Eyeshadow Palette


Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


“Always a Bridesmaid” Color Kit


“Unbridled” Color Kit


Lasso Lashes Mascara


West Face Makeup Saver Setting Mist



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