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Brow Wow! | January 2021 Newsletter

Happy 2021 Y’all!

As we transition out of one of the most memorable years in history, I need to confess that I was sure COVID would be a thing of the past by now. Several months ago I even teased my friend for buying so many masks that were “matchy matchy” with all her outfits.

I assured her this would all be over soon and she’d have wasted her money on a bunch of masks that would just be taking up room and laying around. Well, I’m eating crow and now even guilty of upping my own fashion mask choices.

So, with that being said, my inaugural January newsletter may raise a few brows! Since masks look like they are going to be around for a bit longer, brows and eyes are the primary focus and communication of our facial features these days. So, let’s take it from the top and discuss everyone’s arch rivals...the mighty EYEBROW!!

I always laugh at the line in Miss Congeniality when Michael Caine is making over Gracie Lou Freebush and says “Eyebrows...there should be two”.

Eyebrow styles have evolved over the centuries from the classic “white out/no brow” of Queen Elizabeth I to Frida Kahlo’s infamous “unibrow.” You can pretty much look at any picture in history and tell it’s timeline by how the brow is arched, plucked, tweezed, microbladed, or left to its own defenses.

Throughout this month we will be dissecting all things Brow. Or as I like to call it, “Everything you wanted to know about Brows but were afraid to ask!”

EYEBROW (ahy-brou) Noun - 1 - the arch or ridge forming the upper part of the orbit of the eye 2 - the fringe of hair growing on this arch or ridge 3 - the crescentric line of hairs at the superior edge of the orbit Also referred to as: Supercilium

Here are some examples of the more distinctive eyebrow styles throughout our history...

*click on any image to make them bigger!

Your own Brows may be furrowing as you’re reading this wondering if your’s are plucked to perfection! Below is a guide of some tools and techniques to establish that they are sisters, not twins, or in some cases...cousins!

Here at Buckle Bunnie Beautie we offer 8 country singing shades in our Brow Wow Pomade. Water resistant and Mineral based, they are designed to groom, accentuate, and tame any missing or unruly brow hair.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use our Brow Wow Pomade!

(Like the video? Check out our full tutorial HERE!)

Please let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions you’d like addressed. Our next Brow Wow Newsletter will be discussing more of the medical conditions associated with eyebrow hair.

Stay tuned…

Ramona Gordon

Founder and Proprietress

PO Box 303 Bulverde, TX 78163-0303

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