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October Roundup 2022


Not gonna lie, Fall is my favorite season. Autumn’s falling temperatures and crisp air smell spark up thoughts of baking, bonfires, football, and cozy sweater weather. It's also the time of the year I am most excited about getting dressed. Rich tapestries of color and textures - did I mention Boots? - inspire me to “reinvent” myself. And it usually starts with a fresh haircut and color. Goodbye bleached out, summer sun-drenched hair. October has also become a month associated with Breast Cancer Research and Fighting for the Cure. It hits close to home as it affected my Mother and I also watched my best friend and her sisters battle what couldn't be done to save their mother and sister as well. Think Pink is everywhere and I pray they find a cure. The other big event October offers is Halloween. Growing up we had plastic face masks that you couldn’t see out of and they made you sweat. But it was mostly about consuming candy that my mom wouldn’t normally let me eat! Candy is (and always will be) a favorite Treat. However creating Tricks with Costumes and Make-Up have become the adult way of celebrating.

Here are some of our favorites… Fall in love with Cocoa and Suede Quickdraw Lip liners that compliment Whisky Kisses Liquid Lipstick or go more Vampy with Merlot Quickdraw to compliment Lips Like Wine Liquid Lipstick and Temptress Lipstick


Glitter Mask Tutorial

To create this show-stopping look you want to first start off with your normal base (Ex: Primer, Foundation, Contour, Etc.) 1) Map out the mask shape with Rust Eyeshadow. We used a sleeping mask but you can freehand this as well. 2) Use flat brush to fill in mask with Rust Eyeshadow. 3) Use a sponge to pat on Texas Hold 'Em to mask area. 4) Rip off the edges of another sponge (this helps reduce sharp edges & lines) and stipple glitter on. 5) Hold tissue under eyes and face to help catch fallout. 6) Use Skin Elixir and Q-tip to clean up edges of mask. 7) Spray with West Face to set. 8) Line eyes with Line 'Em Up Gel Eyeliner, 9) Apply Lasso Lashes Mascara and False Lashes for some extra glam.





Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

"Whisky Kisses" Liquid Lipstick


"Temptress" Lipstick


"Lola" Lipstick


"Mistress" Lip Gloss


"Cocoa" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Suede" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Merlot" Quick Draw Lip Liner


"Midnight Magic" Mineral Eyeshadow


"Rust" Mineral Eyeshadow


Can't choose just one?

Consider a Bunnie Bundle!

2 for 22 Mineral Eyeshadow Pans Bunnie Bundle


Treasure Trove Eyeshadow Palette


Fine Line Bunnie Bundle


Texas Hold 'Em Eyeshadow Primer


Glitz & Glam Glitter Multi Stack


Glitz & Glam Glitter Stack


Lasso Lashes Mascara



A huge THANK YOU to Suzanne with Celebrated Reflections for her amazing photography!





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