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SUMMER-ISE Me! | July Roundup 2022



Summer used to mean 3 months off from school and hanging out with my friends and family. A slip and slide, all day at the pool, (even sitting out for adult swim), running through a sprinkler, and water balloon fights made me happy. Catching lightning bugs and backyard bbq get-togethers were seasonal specials.

As I got older, I was working 8 hrs and going to Summer Fests consisting of cheap beer and music. Getting caught in the rain was exhilarating! Fast forward a few years to more adult summer vacations by a beach, lake, river, or pool. And now, getting some R&R was the preferred luxury of the moment. Ahhh, when times were simple and I was thin. Now I can’t handle the heat- I'm hot and sweaty outside

-go indoors- and I need a Parka! Is there no happy medium?? As we get ready to celebrate July and all things American, we’ve put together a Make-Up wardrobe of Buckle Bunnie Beautie Summer Pleasures.

Surroundings and attitudes may have changed but I still feel Summer is the season you can get down to your sheerest personal style. Lightweight textures in both wardrobe and Make-up are versatile and are the keys to looking cool and feeling comfortable. Enjoy!



Safe for all skin types, cruelty free, and healthy and healing for the skin!

“One Hot Summer!” Color Kit


Bare Back Beautie Balm


Dew Me! Facial Spray


24/7 Lip Treatment


Sheer Pore-Fection Mattifying Primer


Fit & Flushed Complexion Enhancer


Fiesta Eyeshadow Palette


Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


Nude Beach Lipstick


West Face Setting Mist



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